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While replacing your most treasured possessions may be impossible, having complete protection beyond what most basic homeowners insurance policies provides helps you protect your valuables by enhancing your current homeowners or renters policy to cover items of exceptional value - jewelry, cameras, artwork, golf equipment, firearms, musical instruments, fine silverware, collectibles, and more.

Valuables Insurance FAQ:

What does valuable items insurance cover?

Valuables insurance can cover jewelry, arts, wine and spirits, collectibles, and more.

How do I know how much valuable items insurance coverage I need?

It's good practice to have your valuables regularly appraised to ensure that you have the right amount of coverage for repair or replacement if they are damaged or stolen. The cost of insurance varies depending on the value of the item or items being insured.

Is valuables insurance included with my homeowners insurance?

While each policy varies, it's generally the case that basic homeowners policies have limited valuables insurance coverage and can leave you with no compensation in the event of a devastating loss. For those that want comprehensive coverage over their belongings, connect with a trusted insurance professional to learn more about what your policy covers and to explore options for supplemental valuables insurance.

Adding protection for your most valuable items isn't a cost but an investment in protection for your valuables and in complete peace of mind. Lowry's team will work with you to explore the options and find a supplemental policy that fits within your customized insurance solution. We focus on creating the ultimate blend that fits your life, your needs, and your budget.