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With the proper policy from Lowry, medical expenses, attorney fees, settlement costs, and reimbursements will be covered - focus on the future of your business.
Coverages Include Section Stays

General Liability FAQ:

What does general liability insurance cover?

If someone claims that your business caused property damage or injury, general liability insurance provides peace of mind that you're protected. It can help cover responses to these claims, defense against reputational harm, copyright infringement, medical costs for customers and clients, or damage to rented property.

Do small businesses need general liability insurance?

While general liability insurance is not a normal requirement for small businesses, it's good practice to keep your business covered from all angles. The Hartford analyzed over 1 million claims to find that 4 in 10 small businesses will face a property or general liability claim in the next ten years. Make sure that your business is covered.

How much does general liability insurance cost?

As with all insurance policies, each varies depending on the needs of the policyholder and the provider's options. General factors that impact the cost are a company's age, size, location, building condition, and industry. Additionally, the number of insurance claims made by the company in the past is likely to impact the overall cost.

Coverages Include

  • Disability Insurance
  • Employer-Sponsored Retirement
  • Group Disability Insurance
  • Group Benefits
  • Individual Life Insurance
  • Retiree Health Coverage
  • Voluntary Benefits
  • And Many More

By partnering with more than 40 trusted carriers, Lowry Insurance is able to provide a wide variety of general liability coverage for you. We focus on your business and your needs, piecing together an insurance policy designed around your team, your dream, and your budget. Connect with our team at Lowry to get started today.