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Window Safety Tips for Kids

Taking a few precautions can help protect your family from any in-home hazards.

Windows can be one of your home's most beautiful assets, bringing in natural light and brightening up your home in a variety of ways. However, if the proper precautions aren't taken, there are also specific risks that can put your family - especially younger children - in danger.

SafeKids Worldwide reports that ~3,300 children are injured each year by falling out of windows. Here are a few tips that can help ensure that every member of your family is safe.

Keep all windows closed when not in use.

When you're not enjoying some fresh air, keep your windows closed and locked. Doing so not only cuts the risk of break-ins and burglary, but it also keeps those younger ones safe when they're running around the house!

Don't place furniture near windows.

From couches to ottomans, make sure that your furniture is placed strategically to avoid any dangerous falls for young children that may want to take their in-home exploration to new heights.

Child at Window

Lock all sliding glass doors.

Sliding glass doors can certainly open up a room, but making sure they're locked is an important step in minimizing the potential for kids to wander out of your home or have any accidents when the doors slide closed.

Insect shields aren't closed windows.

The screens that stand between your home and the outdoors are great for keeping out creepy crawlers, but they don't provide the same reinforcement as a glass window itself. Make sure that kids aren't leaning, pushing, or playing near a window to minimize any risk.

While these four provide a solid foundation of safety, the Window Safety Task Force has a comprehensive list of more ways that you can bring a new level of protection for your home - while still enjoying the great outdoors!

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