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Lowry Celebrates National Small Business Week

Small businesses continue to make up the backbone of the United States, making up 99.9% of all businesses in the country. As a family-owned and operated insurance firm, Lowry Insurance is proud to not only be one of America's small businesses, but also to support the small businesses that call our community home.

Throughout our communities, small businesses bring vibrance and life to our towns while delivering their goods and services to their loyal customers. While COVID-19 continues to impact businesses around the world, many small business leaders have pushed ahead and continued pursuing their dreams and bringing value to the places that they call home.

View through the window of an asian restaurant preparing duck

As we celebrate National Small Business Week, our team at Lowry would like to take a moment to spotlight not only the amazing teams that we serve, but the small business leaders around the world that have continued to support their companies, employees, and customers in a time unlike any other in our history. This week is dedicated to the resilience of American small businesses and their leaders, going above and beyond to pursue their dreams and pave their own way to achieve their goals. Even in times of uncertainty, small businesses continue to hold their own and connect with customers across the country to who come together to support their local economy and community.

Woman standing behind a point of sale system at a small business

Lowry Insurance partners with businesses of every size, delivering customized small business insurance solutions that are right-sized for every client. By working with our clients to understand their needs, our team is able to deliver coverage that keeps their businesses and employees covered no matter what life may have in store. Our team is proud to continue supporting our small business partners. As the world continues to evolve, we’re excited to see more small businesses grow and flourish, driving industry innovations and creating jobs for the next generation.