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How to Prevent Frozen Pipes During the Winter

As temperatures drop, the risk of a busted water pipe rises. Water freezes and expands, pushing pipes to their limits until they crack, creating a mess and causing thousands of dollars in damage to your property. Preparing your home ahead of cold temperatures minimizes the risk of freezing, keeping your home protected and cutting out the need for costly repairs. Here are some simple steps to help you stay ahead of cold winter temperatures.

Keep Your Thermostat Above 55 Degrees

While it's nice to have a bit of a nip in the air, keeping your home cold during the winter increases the risk of pipes freezing inside of the walls. Always keep your home's thermostat set to above 55 degrees during cold weather. This allows the heat from your home to spread through the walls and pipes, adding a little bit of extra warmth that can go a long way in keeping your pipes in once piece.

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Turn Off Water and Drain Spigots Ahead of a Deep Freeze

If a deep freeze is on the way, add extra peace of mind by turning off your home's water supply and open all of the faucets and spigots to drain any water remaining in the pipes. This tip comes in handy for those traveling during the holidays or for landlords with vacant properties. It's hard for pipes to burst when there isn't any water to freeze!

Insulate Pipes in Unheated Areas

When it comes to piping in exterior walls or in exposed areas, insulation is key. Taking time to properly insulate these pipes not only protects against cold temperatures and the elements but also helps reduce energy loss through condensation. As exposed pipes generate condensation the risk for mold and mildew also increases, leading to potential damage and higher maintenance cost. With proper insulation, it's not just your pipes that are protected but your entire home.

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