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Why offer health care benefits?

For employers of all sizes, offering health benefits improves team morale and boosts loyalty to your company across the team. Higher job satisfaction creates healthier company culture - and naturally, healthier employees. For smaller businesses seeking to stand out to highly qualified job seekers, providing comprehensive benefits packages speaks volumes. That investment shows dedication to your team and commitment to creating a supportive company culture that values their team.

Why should you offer medical benefits to employees? In addition to making medical coverage more attainable for employees, tax incentives allow many businesses to deduct up to 100 percent of the cost of qualifying monthly premiums from their federal business taxes in addition to other financial incentives. Company sponsored health insurance plans provide a greater comfort for employees, financially protecting your team while delivering medical coverage that gives them care that keeps themselves and their families healthy.

Lowry Insurance creates custom business benefits for companies of all sizes, we create packages that provide reliable coverage at a price that is right for your budget. From small businesses to enterprise clients, we craft insurance solutions designed around your needs and your budget to deliver a package that you - and your employees - can truly rely on.